Good Time rv


As convenient as mobile RV Service is we all know that logistics play an integral part. As much as we try to get to each customer as soon as we can, sometimes we are forced to reschedule. We do however make every attempt to get to each customer in a timely manner and on, or near, their scheduled appointment time. Our service call rates are based on location, obviously the farther a customer is away the more they would be charged for a service call, unless multiple appointments are scheduled in their area then the service call fee would be reduced depending upon the number of appointments scheduled. ALL special order parts must be prepaid before they are ordered, no exceptions. Our appointments are on a first come first served basis unless an emergency arises, in that case the appointments will be rescheduled in the order in which they were originally made. Everyone's appointment is important to us, but emergency calls will always take precedence. If it were you that was in need then you would appreciate others understanding and compassion.


  We know how important timely service is to our customers, as well as convenience, and we will do everything within our powers to make your service appointment as smooth as possible. However, in some instances we cannot always perform the necessary repairs on-site. In cases like that we will do our best to accommodate our customers to make the their repairs at our shop as fast and accurate as possible because we know what it's like to be without your RV. We will coordinate, to the best of our ability, your RV repair and completion so you, the customer, will not be inconvenienced more than necessary.


 And as always we appreciate the opportunity to serve you with your RV needs.  Thank you!